I had excellent results and service with Botonics!

by admin

I have had an excellent service from Botonics all the way through, from my initial consultation through to after-care. I have had the ‘smart-lipo surgery with aspiration’ procedure in the past at a different clinic, but the results I obtained were poor and the service at that clinic was not as great as my experience with Botonics.

I approached Botonics after researching them up on their website and as they offered an advanced procedure called ‘vaser-lipo’ which was the trick to my success, I was happy to consider this procedure. What further convinced me to go ahead with this treatment at Botonics was the qualifications and skill of the surgeon Dr Joffily, who is a specialist in cosmetic surgery and in vaser-lipo procedures.

I had my procedure about 7 months ago, and the results have been fantastic and I am very pleased. Vaser-lipo is definitely a must for anyone considering cosmetic surgery. I would also recommended choosing a doctor like Dr Joffily, as this makes a great impact. I have been satisfied with Dr. Joffilys’ helpful and friendly approach. My deep thanks also go down to Bill for the service and support he provided me all the way through, he was really helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend Botonics to anyone for their cosmetic surgeries. Keep up the excellent work Botonics!

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