I had excellent results with Botonics and would recommend it any time!

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I had lost quite some weight recently and thus found myself in need of an abdominoplastic treatment. However, I was worried about the possible post-operation pain and the scar.

Botonics offered me an excellent and free (!) consultation in which I had the opportunity to discuss everything that was on my mind starting from the procedure as such, the scar development to the financing. I especially appreciated the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the fact that I was never pushed to a treatment. Another positive aspect was the fact that I could arrange a consultation in the evening hours enabling me to talk to my surgeon after work. In the end, both Bill and my surgeon, Mr Fallahdar, left such a good impression on me that I decided in favour of a tummy tuck.

The last few weeks before the treatment went very smoothly. I was always in close contact with Bill who supplied me with all the information necessary for me and whom I could always contact in case I had questions and who would reply me immediately. Thanks to all this, I was not nervous at all when I went to the hospital for my operation.

As a result of the general anaesthetic, I cannot say much about the operation as such, of course, but I remember that I felt perfectly fine after it had finished. The hospital staff was also extremely friendly and helpful and made my stay overnight as comfortable as possible. Both Bill and Mr Fallahdar had provided me with detailed information on how I should behave immediately after the tummy tuck.

On the very first day after the treatment, I tried to move a little (but not too much) and to walk a bit (in a stooped posture), thus trying to avoid just lying in bed for too long. I was given pain-killers by the hospital, but after the first day I stopped using them as I felt no pain. This is something which still amazes me now: Prior to the operation I was quite worried about the possible extent of the post-operational pain, but in fact there was basically none. Everyday I could noticeably feel my mobility return and after just one week, I was even able to return to work.

For the first 6 weeks I had to wear a special support garment to protect the scar and help the healing process, but already after the first one or two weeks, I no longer noticed I was wearing it. The only thing which was a bit hard to bear is the fact that during the first week I was not allowed to take a shower as the scar must not get wet.

After those first seven days, I had my bandages exchanged at the hospital and went for my first post-op consultation with Mr Fallahdar. I was extremely happy when I saw my new belly for the first time as it looked much better than I could even have expected! Mr Fallahdar told me that the swelling of my belly would need another 3 months to disappear and that my scar would take up to 9 months to basically fade.

From week 2 onwards I was able to remove the garment in the morning to take a shower and I was really amazed to see how the look of my belly and the scar improved from day to day and also to see the swelling disappear gradually. Around week 3 I had another consultation with my surgeon who was very satisfied with the progress of my scar-healing and who – at that point – showed me the pictures he had taken of my belly prior to the operation. The change was and is still unbelievable.

After the removal of the support garment in week 6 I started to massage the scar with body oil to keep it moist and I also recommenced going to the gym without any problems. The next appointment with my surgeon will be in month 3 after the treatment.

If I was asked whether I would undergo the same treatment with Botonics again, I would not hesitate for a second. I am completely satisfied with both the exceptional value-for-money, the consultation prior to and after the operation, the treatment as such and the way and speed my scar is improving. Having taken the step to have the excessive skin removed was one of the best decisions I have ever taken and I would recommend it any time!

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