I have had problems with acne since…

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I have had problems with acne since adolescent and struggled to keep my skin clear of acne. I went on accutane treatment few years ago and I had such a good result and my skin was clear of acne for a few years. Recently with all the stress and uncertainty of COVID19, my skin flared up again and I decided to search online on getting accutane treatment in London. I found Botonics and once I contacted them, I got a relatively fast response and within a few days I got my consultation. The consultation was great as it was done online which was convenient and fast. Botonics organized the delivery after my consultation right away and my blood was taken a few days after. I received my accutane prescription delivery within a week after the consultation which was really convenient as I did not have to go to pharmacy. In my case, the purge lasted for a few months and by the 5th month I voiced my concern to Dr Divya about not having clear skin yet by this time and she put my mind to ease by prescribing me extra tablets for a few months as I was worried if I stopped at my 6th month and the skin was not clear yet that the acne might appear once again. My skin was actually started to clear up by the 6th month and I continued with accutane for another 3 months. Dr Divya had provided support throughout the process. Overall, I am very happy with the service especially when Dr Divya listened to my concerns about not having enough dose. I recommended Dr Divya and Botonics to my brother who was having the same problem as me and both of us have clear skin now. I really would recommend this service and Dr Divya to anyone who is having trouble with acne! I wish I had sought help sooner and not endured periods of shyness/embarrassment with my acne skin.
Thank you to Botonics team for helping me to achieve this clear skin!

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