I have suffered with acne for most of…

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I have suffered with acne for most of my teens and 20s going to the doctors for prescriptions and nothing seemed to be working. The beginning of the year I started to think about Roaccutane and came across Botonics because of its great reviews.

I honestly can say from the start of my treatment and now being 3 months in they have been nothing else then helpful making the whole process so easy. They always reply straight away with any issues I am having and each month I have a telephone consultation with Dr Ayah who has been amazing, asking how I am and giving me such helpful tips on how to control my symptoms such as dry lips and suncreams. I have had two blood tests where I go to a lab and it is so easy and quick, getting my results within a few days. They are always up to date with my dosage each month and always catching up on how my treatment is doing which puts me in so much ease. My skin is clearing up and I feel so much more confident in myself. It is such a relief to finally find something which has worked for me and I would recommend Botonics to anyone thinking about going on Roaccutane.

My symptoms have been fine, just dry lips and feeling a bit achey. I would recommend you always put factor 50 on even when it’s cloudy and make sure you always have a lip balm on you wherever you go.

I was always a bit anxious about going on Roaccutane but going with Botonics it has been the best thing.
For anyone thinking about going on please go through them as you will be in such great care and looked after so well through out the process as I know it can seem daunting.

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