I have suffered with acne for most of…

by admin

I have suffered with acne for most of my 20s going back and forth from the doctors for prescription creams/tablets with none having any effect. A few months ago I got absolutely fed up and disheartened of constantly spending hundreds of pounds on skincare that did nothing for my skin and decided it was time to do something! After lots and lots of research I found Botonics and saw all the great reviews, I reached out to them and had my first consultation with Dr Divya, who made me feel so at ease and for the first time I actually felt confident that my acne could be rid of! Fast forward 3 months and my skin is drastically so much clearer and healthier! The whole process has been so straightforward and easy, my consultations have been over video call (due to Covid), my blood tests have been delivered to my door as well as the tablets, making the process so convenient and easy. Bill who I have dealt with for the whole process has been so helpful and understanding and it’s so reassuring to know he’s always at the end of a phone or email.
As for the treatment itself, I have had no serious side effects apart from dry skin and lips which has been easily resolved with products recommended by Botonics.
I honestly wish I had found Botonics and started this treatment sooner! I cannot wait to finish my treatment and see the end results as the results I’ve already had 3 months in are so remarkable!

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