I have suffered with mild to severe…

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I have suffered with mild to severe acne for all of my adult life. It began when I was in secondary school and has haunted me ever since. I have exhausted all medications possible, those prescribed by the NHS and even medical grade skin peels and facials. None of these have had any long-standing effect on my skin and if anything, have just left me feeling more deflated, like nothing would ever work. This took days, weeks, even months from my life which I cannot get back and would have continued to do so if I didn’t decide to take matters into my own hands and take the plunge with Roaccutane. I have had both the branded version (Roaccutane) and unbranded, Isotretinoin, prescribed to me and have seen no difference between the two, it is down to personal preference. I have heard about other people’s skin journeys and have researched the success rate of Roaccutane/ Isotretinoin.
Just when I felt hopeless and was about to give up – I found Botonics. After researching so many clinics, I decided Botonics was the right fit for me. After filling out the online application and having a follow up call the very next day with Bill, I soon felt more encouraged than ever to begin the process. I found the efficiency of the Botonics team to be brilliant, especially during the times of the lockdown. The clinic has adapted efficiently and have ensured any gaps in my prescriptions are minimised. They have done this by posting out my prescriptions the very same day, allowing me to receive it the next working day. They have also posted out all my required pregnancy tests and have a system whereby I can send a digital image of my results. All this has minimised my time spent outdoors and has saved me many hours on travel.
Dr Joshua has monthly video call appointments with me where we discuss my progress or concerns of any side effects. Although my journey has been slower and steady, I have seen physical improvements in my skin texture and my breakouts have been disappearing within a couple of days.
If you are thinking about trying Roaccutane, and like myself have exhausted all avenues and have been an acne sufferer for over a decade – I would highly recommend Botonics as the clinic to go for. As with this medication, its important you have the right support, and the team at Botonics have been so supportive and approachable with any of my concerns. I am excited for the remainder of my treatment and cannot wait for the final results!

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