I highly recommend botonics

by admin

After weeks of research for the perfect clinic to get dermal fillers, I came across botonics. I noticed they had excellent rating and reviews. I also looked at the before and after photos which further convinced me that this is the perfect clinic. So I decided to give it a shot and booked an appointment with Naruschka. Im so happy with the treatment i received from her at botonics for the nose to mouth lines as well as the non-surgical nose job. She was very reassuring throughout the procedure and made sure I knew exactly what to expect. The results are amazing, it’s such a relief to finally feel confident with how I look. I was very self conscious about my nose especially how it looked from the side. Now it’s smooth and straight and appears smaller. Similarly, my nose to mouth lines are no longer visible, it’s great to smile again without worrying whether my lines show or not. For this reason, travelling all the way from Bath to London was worth it.

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