I recently contacted Botonics as my…

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I recently contacted Botonics as my skin has been really bad for a long period of time. I have previously been on accutane but my acne came back within a year. My self confidence and self esteem was really bad. I don’t like showing my face or even going out it just put me down and especially in this lockdown it’s hard to even get through to your GP. After researching on the internet I discovered Botonics I was so happy because I couldn’t believe the service they provide to their patient which is so easy and less of a hassle. I contacted them straight away and spoke to a person called Bill he told me as to how the process works and what is required for me which seemed perfectly fine as I have already been on accutane before. I was then booked in for a video appointment with the dermatologist and she was honestly so lovely and helpful and I told her exactly how I feel and she understood as how I felt. I would definitely recommend Botonics to anyone who is suffering with acne like myself. Best decision I have made and I have also started my medication recently I’m so excited for the outcome of this! Thankyou so much Botonics for your service!!

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