I recently visited the Botonics clinic …

by admin

I recently visited the Botonics clinic for the first time to undergo the start of my Facial Feminisation treatment. As a transgender woman i am in the process of having my face feminised through a series of Dermal fillers.

As soon as i entered Narushka’s practice i was made to feel extremely welcome and comfortable which really helped to put me at ease. I had a consultation when i arrived where we discussed the options for feminising my face and what i wanted. Narushka explained to me: exactly what she would be doing, What to expect during and after the treatment, the fillers she was going to use and how/where she would be using them in order to feminise.

Once the consultation was over we then began the treatment which lasted around an hour and consisted of Dermal Fillers being injected into my fore head and brow bone in order to “round out” my head shape and soften any harsh lines created by my prominent brow bone and temple bones. She used a numbing cream which meant that i didn’t feel much and there wasn’t much pain at all.

I was instantly amazed by the results and so happy! My Forehead is now much rounder and “feminine” and my brow bone is so much softer and no longer casts a strong shadow. Following in the next few days there was no bruising or pain and only a slight amount of swelling. In the next few months i will be re-visiting Botonics to further my treatment and i am so excited to see my results.

All in all it was an amazing experience and I’m so excited for the rest of my treatment as i am already a much happier woman! Thanks again to Narushka, a beautiful lady who made me feel so comfortable and who is so unbeliveably amazing at what she does!

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