I wanted to share my experience of non surgical rhinoplasty

by admin

I wanted to share my experience of non surgical rhinoplasty to help others in the same situation. I had a failed rhinoplasty and the results were not only unfavourable cosmetically but emotionally I suffered greatly.
The heartache of a revision rhinoplasty was something I didn’t want to consider. I did have many consultations regarding revision surgery but due to the unpredictable results, possibly more scar tissue, over a year healing time and the possibility of further emotional scarring I chose to look into the possibility of non surgical rhinoplasty using fillers. I had many consultations with practitioners regarding nose fillers. Every consultation was at least a 7 hour round trip as I live in Wales but I didn’t give up hope I kept searching. I didn’t feel confident with any practitioner until I met Narushka.
Narushka instantly made me feel comfortable. She listened to my concerns and she could see and understand what I’d like to correct. She explained what she could achieve with nose filler and how she would preform the procedure and why she would use the particular filler she used. Narushka’s understanding of nasal anatomy is honestly more advanced than some ENT surgeons I consulted with. She kindly made a plan for my nose explaining the whole procedure and aftercare to me in fine detail. I never felt rushed or silly for asking the same questions 2 or 3 times. Narushka was the first person I met who genuinely wanted to help from her heart and doesn’t treat you like it’s a business. Her artistic eye and skill is phenomenal. The actual procedure didn’t hurt and the result was so beautiful. Finally a nose that fitted my face. I actually cried with relief that my nose nightmare was over. I thought filler would add bulk and make the nose bigger and wider. Not in the hands of Narushka – my nose was refined, elegant and gained the much needed projection. I’m happy for anyone to message me and I will share my pictures. I don’t write reviews but this was so important to me because after my rhinoplasty I discovered so many others that were also out there suffering with unfavourable results afraid to have further surgery and really not knowing where to go or who to trust because so many websites use fake pictures they have taken from the internet or modified themselves I felt a need to help others. Botonics was the only website that was super informative and showed results from every angle with before pictures. Please don’t give up hope. Narushka is amazing and she will give you the confidence to live happily again being able to forget about your nose and the emotional scarring that it causes. The best thing of all is the nose only better with time. I will be forever grateful to Narushka the Fairy God mother of healing noses. Bill was also wonderful, he too is very informative and organised.

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