I went to botonics after years of…

by admin

I went to botonics after years of struggling with my skin and trying absolutely everything. My skin has never been awful like cystic acne but it there was always congestion that would never go away no matter what. Because it was never cystic I didn’t think of roaccutane but after finally giving up I decided to look into it, only to find such a long waitlist with the NHS and inconvenient and expensive dermatologists elsewhere. I finally found botonics and had a consultation where they explained everything and were very helpful so I decided to try it. Everything happened so quickly and I started it within that month. My skin got slightly better, and then about a month in it started to purge really bad. But a week or so after that I haven’t had a spot since. It’s incredible. The only downside was that my lips were dry all the time, but botonics suggested nipple cream on them which surprisingly helped. My skin is so clear now that I’ve stopped and I almost forget how bad it was before, I wish I had started it sooner.

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