In calm hands

by admin

I was very very pleased with the work I had done at Botonics! I did not know if I would go through with getting dermal filler for my nose and tear ducts, but their emailed newsletters greatly motivated me. When I finally made an appointment, I was very impressed by their kind and thorough communication that helped me be fully prepared for the consultation and procedure.

Dr. Goyal is who did my procedure and I was glad I was in his hands for this. He was very calm and worked smoothly. The thing I liked best about him is that he would double and triple check the injections to make sure they were even and produced the effect I was looking for. I can tell his aesthetics are very important in his decision making and that they were a great benefit to improving my face. He had steady hands and communicated well which made the procedure very easy (even though I was very nervous).

I bruised a bit afterward, but it was not very noticeable, and quickly went away after using a hot compress (as they suggested). It now feels so natural and I am so pleased with boost in confidence I now have!

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