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Botonics are unbelievably good. I filled in an online form for accutane treatment, assuming I’d be waiting a couple of days for a response, and within the hour I received a call from the amazing Bill who booked me in for a consultation with their GP Dr Aya THAT SAME EVENING!

Dr Aya was so helpful, and by the end of that night I was booked on for accutane – one day!!! Getting put on accutane has taken my friends 6 months when they did it through the NHS, and Dr Aya mentioned that because of COVID, if I went through the NHS I’d be waiting for up to 2 years which wasn’t an option for me.

My blood test kit was dispatched the next day by Royal Mail first class to my home address. My blood test was super easy to self administer and all I had to do was post it off to their partner lab. That same day my bloods were confirmed and my prescription and medication filed and dispatched.

Within the next THREE DAYS my full prescription for the entire course of accutane had arrived. – what good service !!!!

I’ve dealt with acne for 5 years. Nothing worked for me properly until roaccutane. I tried all the topical creams, all the drugstore face washes and the antibiotics too. Acne really does suck and I think it takes having it yourself to fully comprehend how awful it can be to your mental health and general confidence. I wish I’d gotten in touch with a dermatologist or a professional like Botonics as I would’ve realised that acne isn’t something that you’ll necessarily just grow out of, but nor is it something you have to tolerate. Accutane is the closest thing we acne sufferers have to a cure and it really is a miracle medication

This has been the best experience and customer service I’ve had with ordering anything ever, not to mention the fact that it’s accutane which is something that usually takes months on end to get distributed to you!

My skin is crystal clear now thanks to Botonics and I couldn’t be happier with how confident I feel.
if you’re debating accutane or indeed ordering anything from Botonics, please please do it! You won’t regret a thing!

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