It has been over a week since my non…

by admin

It has been over a week since my non surgical nose job with narushka I couldn’t be more happy with my nose I’ve been coming to see narushka for the last 2 year and I’m extremely happy with my results prior to the treat I was looking into getting a rhinoplasty as I disliked my profile as the hump on my nose stuck out and made my nose look bigger not only has narushka made my nose appear small she also straightened out the hump with her expert knowledge she has created the nose I always wanted but better. It’s still amazes me that the before and after picture was achieved by derma filler. When I first had my very first procedure I was a little nervous as I didn’t know to much about the non surgical nose job but immediately narushka makes you feel relaxed and provide you with every information you need to know also including the after care. I always look forward to see narushka she is very skilled and a genuine person which makes my experience with her all the more pleasant. She is honest with what she can do to your nose and every procedure my filler stays longer and my nose looks amazing. She is truly amazing at what she does I could honestly not recommend her enough. If your thinking about the non surgical procedure book a consultation with narushka. I am very grateful to the way she transformed my nose and helped me love and feel confident in myself. There is no one else I would go and see but her. I have moved abroad and I will travel just to see her that’s how amazing she is.

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