I’ve always been scared of surgical…

by admin

I’ve always been scared of surgical operations and going through the process of an actual nose job was terrifying – what if the results wouldn’t be as good as I wanted and what if after the operation I would end up hating it. Because of that, I started browsing the web in search of a lighter solution which could help enhance the current look of my nose…I read many things about many clinics doing ‘non-surgical nose enhancements’ and among the selection of these clinics was ‘botonics’. I must admit that was seduced me about them was the reviews and Naruschka mentioned many times as being THE expert for this specific intervention. Because of that I’ve decided to contact the clinic via email and must admit that the professionalism used to answer my questions was faultless. I really value responsiveness and they didn’t let me down on this. They’ve identified what could be done when looking at the pictures I’ve sent them and booked me in for a consultation to get the enhancement done. I would definitely advise you to follow the pre and post care advice for optimal results and will keep you updated on the progress and how long the results last for!

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