I’ve been going to Botonics for five …

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I’ve been going to Botonics for five years now and can wholeheartedly recommend Narushka without reservation. She has made such a difference to my life!

I suffer from TMJ, which means that my jaw muscles lock up to such a degree that the pain is debilitating–I will wake up in the middle of the night with my face hurting because I’ve been clenching even in my sleep. When I read that Botox to the jaw muscles could relax them and stop them from clenching, I started looking into practitioners who performed this procedure. I remember the first time I saw Narushka I was actually fairly terrified because I had never gotten Botox before and was secretly petrified that something would go wrong and I would end up with a frozen face, unable to move my mouth etc. But, Narushka put me completely at ease not just with her warm and sincere personality, but the focus and dedication she put into her treatment. She took the time to really assess my jaw muscles carefully to mark out where the injections would go, to make sure that the right points would be targeted. The results were great–for the first time in my life I could go about my day without my face and neck in pain, and without dreading the onset of a migraine because of the tension. It also made my jawline slimmer, which I love as it makes me look more feminine than before! No more man-jaw!

These days I see Narushka every 4-6 months, and she remains just as friendly and committed to her practice each time. She still takes the time to check me over and think about what injection method would work best depending on how my jaw is doing, and she will also schedule in follow ups to see that the treatment is going well. Basically, it’s clear that Narushka cares about her patients getting the best results. It will never be automated, factory style processing with her–she is dedicated to such a professional standard of work and driven by such a genuine concern for her patient’s wants and needs that you will never feel anything but safe and confident in her hands!

Booking is also always super easy and Bill is amazingly responsive. On my most recent appointment, I realised an hour beforehand that my meeting would run over and I wouldn’t be able to make it to Harley Street in time. I emailed Bill, because I couldn’t make or take calls since I was stuck in the meeting, and he managed to arrange for me to see Narushka in the evening, during what was supposed to be her dinner break! I felt so terrible–she’s always booked back to back–but when I saw her she was just as friendly and wonderful as ever, telling me not to worry, and cheerfully and competently knocking my pesky jaw muscles out once again.

Thank you Narushka and Bill! You are both amazing!

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