Kind, professional & life changers!

by admin

Botonics have been amazing. From the moment I enquired, they have been nothing but professional, understanding and supportive. Being 28 years old and STILL suffering from acne, triggered a lot of shame within me – it’s difficult for me to even talk about as it had caused a lot of emotional scars. When I had my initial consultation, Dr Divya was so understanding and patient with me . . . she reassured me that she had “seen and heard it all” and that there was “nothing for me to be embarrassed about”. This is also my first experience of private, non NHS medical services and let me tell you – you get what you pay for. They are thorough, quick and so incredibly organised. At no point whatsoever, have I had to chase them, ring them or jump through a series of entirely pointless hoops. They gave me the information and the tools I needed to start my journey, and have been supportive ever since. As for the Roaccutane treatment itself, all I can tell you is “WOW”. I’m only 3 months in, and the transformation is incredible. My friends and family have all commented on how fresh my complexion has looked. I get hardly any spots now, and when I do, they are tiny and vanish in a day or two. My advice with regards to the side effects, is ‘prevention is key’ – start with the heavy duty moisturizers, 2.5l daily water intake and Aquaphor ointment BEFORE you start the treatment, rather than when the medicine ‘kicks in’. I have had almost no problematic side effects and I put it down to this. Bill, whom deals with the business side of things, is also equally professional and helpful and has made the process as smooth as possible. I know people are generally inclined to ‘shop around’, but like I said – you get what you pay for. They are a good and trustworthy clinic and I would 100% recommend!

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