Knowledge, skills as an eye for aesthetics.

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I wanted to share my experience with Botonics with all of you who might have previously had bad experiences with other clinics, and are frustrated with never getting the results that you wish for.

I have for the past 5 years been using Juvederm for lip enhancement, of which I have tried 4 clinics, both in the UK and abroad. I myself always research both clinic as well as the practitioner that administers the treatment thoroughly. Therefore, I was very disappointed when I always left unhappy. The issue was not so much in the way that they administered the Juvderm. I always felt that it was their lack of an aesthetic eye, and the lack of ability to develop a ‘look’ for me as an individual, as opposed to having a “one mold fits all’ approach.

Finally, after having tried another clinic on Harley Street, which was known for its ‘natural results’, I was again disappointed to see that most of the product had been administered wrongly and I had developed a ‘shelf’ above my lip. Also, I used to develop severe swelling which at times lasted for over 2 weeks and once before a holiday, which was dreadful. The practitioner had not given me correct after care advice and after several failed attempts I gave up as I had developed a severe reaction and I had to simply leave my lips to heal.

When I first had my consultation with Naruschka, she was able to help me achieve the results that I wanted, adapting where she placed the injections based on my facial shape and mouth, giving me a personalised look which I was complimented for often.The shelf like effect has started to disappear (thankfully) and I am now gradually being able to have natural looking, plump lips without the duck effect. Furthermore, the staff at Botonics have been very helpful and accommodating when it comes to answering any questions, especially when helping me with aftercare, where I was given advice regarding several products that I could use, and for the first time I had very very minimal swelling which has been wonderful, as I for the first time in five years of having this treatment was able to go out in public the same day.

I would strongly recommend this clinic and can’t thank them enough for the amazing results they have helped me to achieve!

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