Life Changing

by admin

I have suffered with acne most of my life, despite countless trips to my gp and a seemingly endless catalogue of antibiotics, creams and over the counter products. My gp was reluctant to discuss Roaccutane and the waiting list was huge. Feeling like I had exhausted every option the nhs could offer, I decided to look for an alternative before my self confidence and mental health deteriorated any more as a result of my skin issues.
A Google search on private prescriptions for Roaccutane brought me to Botonics. After completing the online enquiry form I was immediately contacted by Bill to arrange a virtual consultation the very next day with Dr Divya. The consultation itself was free, and no obligation or pressure to proceed, and was arranged for early evening after I had finished work. Dr Divya was incredibly thorough and knowledgeable about the medication and was able to answer all the questions I had, whilst completely putting my mind at ease.
Following the consultation, finger lancet blood test kits were sent out to my home address the next day, being able to do it this way saved so much time on going somewhere to have blood tests and appointments. The test it’s self was so easy and painless to do, and once returned to the lab via courier I was contacted by Bill the very next day to inform me that the results were ok to proceed with treatment, he detailed dosage and I received the medication in the post the day after. The process was so fast and absolutely seamless, it was such a weight off my mind after so many years of getting no where. The time from my first contact to starting my course of treatment was roughly about a week.
I have monthly calls with Dr Divya arranged for my convenience in the evening after work, to check in on how the medication is going and to discuss any side effects or concerns I have, although she and her amazing team are always available to discuss anything should I need to, and are incredibly responsive to emails and calls.
My side effects have been fairly minimal, and I honestly wish I had gone down this route sooner, any one with acne will understand the negative impact it has on your life and to be able to get treatment like this is absolutely life changing. Im half way through my treatment and could not be happier with the process so far. After the initial purge and break outs during the first few weeks my skin rapidly started to change, and has not broken out since for the first time that I can ever remember and my skin looks amazing.

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