Lip enhancement

by admin

I have had fillers before at a different clinic, which I wasn’t very happy about because you couldn’t tell I even had anything done. 4 months later I decided I wanted to get fillers again, I did my research and decided to go for Botonics.
I have spoken to coordinator Bill who arranged for me to see Haruschka Henriques.
What initially attracted me to Botonics is that on their website it says exactly how much a syringe costs, so there are no unexpected costs. I went to see Naruschka for the free consultation, where I was told exactly what to expect – nothing was exaggerated nor was there amny pressure for me to go through with the treatment. I decided to go ahead with it, and Naruschka advised I get a bigger syringe this time to give me a fuller effect. I was numbed in advance so that I could feel no pain. To be truthful, for me, I am very sensitive and although I was numbed I could still feel the needle which was unpleasant but it’s manageable. There was a little blood involved and swelling!
previously, because I had less filler injected I was hardly swollen, but this time it was a nightmare as I had to get the tube home! I can laugh it off now though! but it’s normal and I was warned that this is a likely side effect. The swelling and bruising dramatically reduced in the 24 hours and with a little makeup, I could go outside.
The procedure went very well, and I love Naruschka’s technique. I attended the follow up appointment, which not many clinics offer so it’s a really good idea to attend! Naruschka checked my lips for symmetry and to make sure everything is ok.
I love the service I have received at Botonics. With something as intimate as someone injecting fillers into your skin, you really need to do your research. I strongly recommend Botonics and I will definitely be going back soon!

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