Lip Enhancement with Naruschka

by admin

I had such an amazing experience with botonics! Naruschka was incredibly helpful in answering any and all the questions I had about my appointment. I am a young female who has always been self conscious about my small lips. She was very thorough is talking me through the procedure as well as my reasoning for wanting them done. I put my full trust in her and I am so completely thrilled that I did. I have never felt so confident with my lips and I will definitely continue treatment. I spent years over-lining my lips and no longer have to worry about that. Highly recommend Naruschka to anyone considering this treatment. I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted, she asked tons of questions and she made my vision come to life! As for the actual procedure itself, she made sure I was as numb as possible before beginning treatment. I didn’t feel rushed at all as she wanted me to be as comfortable as possible. She also explained post-care very thoroughly to ensure that it was comfortable afterwards as well. I felt comfortable with her for the entire procedure and when asking her questions as well, which is very important to someone who has never gone through treatment like this before. Thank you Naruschka! I am so grateful for everything you have done for me.

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