Lips with Narishka

by admin

I have now had two appointments with Narishka for lip enhancement.
My lips have always been thin.
I am now over 45 now and fine lines have begun to appear around my lips.
I had not ever had the procedure before so the experience was entirely new.
Narishka is highly professional and very gentle and kind. She was very patient in the consultation and I did not feel at all pressured to go ahead with anything.

The first treatment I had was very subtle and I received many compliments ( although nobody could identify that I had had anything in particular done!).

I returned about 6 months later to top-up my lips, and on reflection, this may have been a little hasty, as after the second treatment the effect was noticeable, and people commented that I looked looked like I had had my lips ‘done’.

I am very very happy – thrilled really – with my lips.

However, on reflection I would have returned for the second treatment after twelve months, rather than six, so in future I shall be seeing Narishka annually to have the treatment as it lasts longer than I had realised.

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