Magical experience

by admin

I had been suffering severe acne for about 6-7 years now, I had tried many topical treatments, spent so much money on expensive skincare products but nothing worked for me. I was also on the waiting list for Roaccutane with the NHS for a couple of months but the waiting queue was very long there that I never got an appointment, until this day. It was when I was almost about to give up on my skin that I found out about Botonics. I first filled out a consultation form and Bill got back to me on the same day and arranged for me to meet with Dr Divya. After about two weeks of contacting Botonics, I started my Roaccutane treatment. Not does only Botonics have great service they also deliver everything to your doorstep which made things easier for me because I didn’t have to travel to get my prescriptions. They also do all checkups through the phone so you do not have to visit the clinic every month for your consultation. I was worried that I was never going to be able to treat my skin condition during the pandemic as the NHS was taking long and every other clinic was closed. However, Botonics saved my life. Bill and Dr Divya are very kind and understanding, they treated me really well. Whenever I have a query I email Bill and he never fails to respond fast. Dr Divya also checked up on me every month and was really understanding and comforting. I am on the third months of my Roaccutane treatment now and I already see a lot of improvement. I am feeling a lot more confident in my skin and in myself. Seeing my skin improve after having suffered so many different issues with my skin is honestly the best feeling ever, and I truly want everybody to feel as confident and beautiful in their skin as I feel now. All thanks to the Botonics Team!

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