Mesotherapy for hair loss – use Naruschka at Botonics !

by admin

I read an article in the Daily Mail about a new treatment for hair loss being offered in the UK called Nanopeptide Mesotherapy which had been written by a journalist who underwent the treatment and recommended it. I thought it looked impressive so I did my research on line and came across Botonics as well as the other treatment provider mentioned in the article. I went to consultations with both . Whilst Botonics did not charge , the other provider charged £100 ! I chose to use Botonics because Naruschka, the practitioner, appeared totally genuine , she did not over sell or over promise great results. She explained how the treatment worked and thought that in my case ( I am in my 50’s with thinning hair ) I should see a positive response with improved condition , thickness and some health regrowth. I must say that my results have been well above my expectations. Within a couple of sessions I noticed greatly improved hair condition and thickness and by the end of the treatment cycle some impressive hair regrowth. It is a treatment I would wholeheartedly recommend . So much so that my wife will start a course next week ! As for Naruschka , she was an excellent practitioner , thoroughly professional and an absolute pleasure to visit . I would 100% recommend her.

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