Miracle Workers!

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Being in my early 20’s and suffering from asymmetrical breasts, I really struggled with my self confidence. I knew that I didn’t want implants and began to lose hope that I’d be able to be confident with wearing a bikini or low cut top. I came across the fat transfer procedure which would have been the more natural look that I was wanting but the uncertainty of whether the transplanted fat would stay or dissolve left me unconfident.
I came across Botonics who offer a free (very informative) consultation with the actual surgeon and booked one to weigh out my options. Dr Charakida was honest and open about the procedure and explained that the fat transfer would not make my breast symmetrical but can add volume to create the illusion that they were when I am dressed. After my consultation, I knew instantly that I wanted to go through with the procedure. I did some extra research on it to be sure and then booked in.

Botonics is a very popular surgery so book ahead!

Bill provided a transparent break down of the prices and what was included with my fat transfer procedure. I really love that, unlike some other clinics, they care for and arrange aftercare to ensure best results are met for each individual.
The surgery went amazingly, I felt comfortable and all my nerves were eased. The procedure took around 2 hours give or take and there was a nurse in the room to attend to me when I woke up from the GA.
A complimentary lunch and drink was given to me from the hospital and I was checked on regularly to ensure I was comfortable and well.
I was discharged a few hours later and went home to continue recovery. I do recommend pre arranged transport as opposed to public as there is a lot of leakage from the incisions where the fat it taken.

I cannot thank Dr Charakida, Bill and the rest of the team at Botonics enough for being so helpful, professional and responsive to any queries I had.

I would definitely recommend Botonics and would use them again in the future.

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