MOST convenient way to access Isotretinoin/Roaccutane!

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This is the most convenient way to access Isotretinoin/Roaccutane! The thought of not being able to access medication during lockdown made me really panicky, but with Botonics:

– Prescriptions, forms I needed to fill in (with return envelopes including free postage) and pregnancy tests were sent to my door.

– Two private blood tests were included in price meaning I was able to have the consultation for my new prescription the following day if I needed.

– I was able to pay over a few months meaning I didn’t need LOADS of savings.

– WhatsApp video call consultations mean I can still speak to my doctor without having to take time off of work or travel.

– They always email in advance with available dates and times and reply quickly if you have questions and to confirm appointments.

They’ve helped me so much when so many other places had failed me. Please read below to hear what I wish someone had told me:

I have tried everything to get rid of acne. TCA face peels, creams (Duac, Differin), all of The Ordinary’s recommendations etc. EVERYTHING. I’ve wasted thousands of pounds before considering Roaccutane.

I know some people have horrific side effects. My sister struggled, however mine have been absolutely fine. Some dryness and heightened emotions around the time of the month – that’s all. It’s different for everyone.

This time last year, I was on my third try of Tetralysal (Lymecycline), prescribed to me by my GP. Every time I went on it, it was less effective and every time I came off of it my breakouts were worse. The spots on my face were large, swollen, red and painful. And frankly, awful to look at. Even though I tried not to touch my skin, ensured I had a different pillow case and washed my make up brushes after every use, they still came. By October my self-esteem had hit rock bottom and looking in the mirror would cause me to have multiple break downs throughout the day. I would avoid social events so no one could see me, I would position myself with my back to my boyfriend whenever I could so he didn’t have to look at me and I would wear make up to bed if he was there (only making it worse, of course).

I went to my GP and asked to be referred to a dermatologist. There was an appointment available in the next 28 days (taking us into November). I went to my appointment, but only saw a nurse who made me take off my make up and took photos of my skin. In a week or two, I received a letter which told me that I was being discharged back to my GP and they prescribed a cream. A CREAM. I was so angry and upset, I went back to my GP (taking us into December) and they didn’t know why I hadn’t seen a dermatologist when that’s who they referred me to. They said there was nothing they could do except refer me again. This time, the quickest date I could get was over 3 months away (end of March). So I decided to go private. I’m a teacher, not the best paid job, but it was really important as I was really suffering with my mental health at the time. And it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

After Googling loads of dermatologists, I decided I wanted to do this properly so I thought the best person to see would work in a private hospital. I went for an initial consultation for £275 (this is FREE with Botonics) with a lady who worked for HCA healthcare. She put me on Roaccutane and after one month of using it, I came back to her and she told me how good it was that the “volcanoes” had gone. I laughed along, but inside I felt humiliated that she talked about my skin like that and it upset me thinking that other people saw my face as “volcano-like”. She also told me the hospital where she worked didn’t do pregnancy tests but “Boots will probably do one for you” and gave me the prescription. I went to Boots, they did not do a pregnancy test for me. This woman also did not weigh me (which is standard procedure that I found out from Botonics). She kept me on a low dosage of 20mg for longer than necessary (meaning I now have to be on these tablets for longer than required – which I also found out from Botonics)!

When lockdown happened I was frantically Googling where I could find someone to help, I was just beginning to feel comfortable in my skin again and was scared I wouldn’t be able to access Isotretinoin for the foreseeable future. I contacted Botonics and a few other companies, however they were the ones to get in touch and reassure me they could help, and what’s more, they told me I had not been treated properly previously. As I had already began my Roaccutane journey, they lowered the total price which was kind, and I haven’t had to worry about my skin ever since. All in all, an effective and amazing service!

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