My entire teenage years were plagued by…

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My entire teenage years were plagued by cystic acne. I very unhappy with the severe acne and wasted several years with the GP trying different antibiotics, creams and washes which did not help at all. During covid my acne got progressively worse and was hindered by being unable to see a doctor. As a male with Acne, My self confidence was at an all time low. Unfortunately I live in a rural part of Wales with limited resources to support me. A friend had been prescribed roaccutane by the NHS and was delighted with the results, However with covid restrictions and NHS being so busy, there was now a 2 year wait for a referral in my area.
I began to Google private providers and discovered Botonics !!
I thought I would give them a try owing to the large number of positive reviews. From me sending my initial email, I had had a telephone consultation within the first week, with options of times and dates to suit. The first set of postal blood tests arrive Quickly and the results followed within 48hours. Everyone I have dealt with so far is great and explains everything clearly, they answer any medical questions you may have. If you send an email in the evening, they will normally reply the same evening!!
From being only 3 months into my treatment, I can say I am already nearly clear which is amazing, As for side effects , I suffer with slight dry lips and sore eyes but apart from that, it’s been fine. The check ups are on time and regular and the dosage can be amended to suit your progress and circumstances.
My advice to anyone who is unhappy with their Acne and want a quick and efficient service then contact Botonics!! You won’t regret it !!!

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