Naruschka becomes a friend with only the best intentions for her patients

by admin

I wanted to wait to write my review as I’m quite a cynic when it comes to this kind of thing, automatically assuming reviews have been written without merit or by staff. With this in mind I write this in complete honesty and I hope it helps at least one person in making their decision.

My treatments with Naruschka have been fantastic. She has never rushed the treatment or me. We talk through every aspect of what we plan to do and her explanations ensure I am confident in my understanding of procedures. Naruschka is gentle and kind; I genuinely feel she cares about each and every patient and speaks about her work with such grounded positivity. She doesn’t over promise and her skills are proven in her work.

I initially found Botonics searching for nonsurgical rhinoplasty; I had a rhinoplasty to correct very traumatic break in my nose and septum, but the surgeon was a little heavy handed and I subsequently have asymmetry, scar tissue, raised nostril and saddle, with chipped bridge bone making wearing glasses and sunglasses very painful. I had toyed with another surgery but they felt it required bone from my rib. In searching for an alternative I stumbled over Botonics. After submitting interest and quickly hearing from a very well informed, friendly and polite Bill I had my consultation in which Naruschka outlined the possible outcomes and how she felt she could help, showing me examples, thoroughly examining my nose, going through my entire medical history, and of course discussing my hopes. I could not have felt more at ease and booked to have the treatment. Funnily enough, I wish I had booked a larger session in order to have done the treatment at that initial consultation.

Subsequently I have also had tear-trough treatment and we are discussing some additional subtle refreshes in other areas. My nose is so subtly changed, but to me the changes are enormous. I feel happy to look at people straight on, have my photo taken face on and the difference in my confidence is huge. I’m incredibly happy. As with the tear-trough treatment, I look like a better version of me. I couldn’t have hoped for any better. Again there was no rushing. My nose was treated over two sessions, a fortnight apart, to ensure optimum results.

Naruschka has become a friend. I enjoy going to see her, chatting and catching up, all the while knowing I’m going to leave feeling happier and looking my best (maybe not as I leave the clinic, but I am sure you get my meaning). What more can you ask for? You can never ask a silly question, or need too much information. It’s a unique way of treating patients in such a saturated and money driven area of aesthetic improvement. Additionally I like the honesty and transparency with Bill and Naruschka. There’s never an awkward chat about cost or paying making the transactions pleasant.

Overall I cannot recommend Botonics enough. A great team with pride in making their clients happy. Bill is a fantastic and Naruschka is a wonderful practitioner. Thank you both.

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