Naruschka is my fairy godmother.

by admin

As soon as I entered Botonics, I was personally welcomed by Narushcka. She’s the most professional and loveliest person you’ll ever meet! She’s literally changed my life and boosted my confidence to great extent. Naruschka applies any type of dermal filler with confidence and immediately grasps your vision on what you’d like to have done and how you want the results to look like. She always makes me feel relaxed as I hate needles and applied generous amounts of tropical anaesthetic to relieve the pain – plucking my eyebrows feels more painful! I’ve recently started a fashion blog and I feel so confident when I’m on set during photoshoots. If you’re researching for the best filler practitioner then look no further! Botonics will forever be my go to place to get my injections. They offer free consultations, give the best medical advice and the best prices in London!

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