Narushka is very VERY Talented! Great Experience Every Time!

by admin

After having this procedure with Cosmodocs i was very unhappy with the results. The doctor lacked any creative insight into the needs of the individual patient, placing the product ‘by the book’ to achieve nothing like what the procedure claimed. After the bad experience I decided to give is another go with a free consultation with Narushka. THANK GOD I DID! she talked to me about my concerns with the last treatment and what she would be able to do. I felt very at ease and did not feel she had tried to sell me anything. The results were amazing! right from the beginning it is obvious that Narushka is not only a medically trained professional but also had an incredible eye for detail and what looks good/realistic and beautiful. She completes the procedure with extreme care and precision to achieve a beautiful finish. If you are thinking about having this procedure then please please see her first with a free consultation and do not go with the cheapest option. I wasted £300 on my cosmodocs appointment which the wrong product was used and was actually less cost effective because it has half the life span of the current product used.

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