Naruska Botonics

by admin

I have be seeing Naruska for nearly 3 years, she is a lovely lady who makes you feel totally at ease. I actually look forward to my appointment. I have received Botox, Tear Trough Filler treatment and a chemical peel with Naruska, she has always explained what the treatment would involve and what the record and results would be. Naruska is an artist, she will tailor the location of the Botox and the amount to what she feels you need, your look will be natural and amazing. I have recommended many people to Naruska, I have had so many compliments over the years and it is really thanks to Botonics.
Botonics is a great company and Bill who has arranged my appointments has been accommodation, kind and friendly.
I love the location as I work in London and it is very easy to get to.
I would recommend Naruska and Botonics to anyone, they are professional, reliable and most of all the results have been amazing.

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