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Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Botonics for finally making me confident and happy in my own skin. I had tried every product possible and spent thousands trying to clear my skin. I had visited the doctors several times and been given antibiotics and creams which were not working and if anything making my skin worse. I had asked to be put onto Roaccutane but was told that the waiting list could be up to two years. I could not wait this long as my skin was really getting me down and affecting my life. I googled ‘Roaccutane treatment’ and Botonics was the first result!! I emailed with my concerns and within the hour Bill had called me and set up a free no obligation consultation with Dr Divya. I spoke with the Dr and she explained exactly how the process would work. She explained how the calculations are worked and what she thought my treatment plan would look like. She allowed me to ask any questions (I had a lot). I then went away and thought about whether I wanted to go ahead. I spoke with my parents about this – this treatment is expensive (anywhere you go) but it is honestly the best money I have ever spent and has been a real investment in myself and how I feel.

I spoke with Bill about starting my treatment plan and then it was underway. I went to London for my baseline blood test, this was so easy to arrange and was a nice day out to London with my dad! As soon as the doctor had checked my levels were ok to continue with treatment, my tablets arrived in the post very quickly and I had started my journey! I was nervous to take the tablets as I had read so much about the side affects and some horror stories online… I have just finished my treatment and apart from a few side affects, and my lovely clear skin, I would not have known I was on the medication. My dose varied, and every month Bill or one of the team would email me to arrange my video check up with the Dr. The call was short and clear. Dr Divya would ask how I was getting on, ask about my side affects and whether I felt ok on the medication. She would then go through what my dosage would be and I would need to confirm this with Bill via email after to ensure I knew exactly what dosage I should be taking. I went through my treatment with very minimal side effects, the worst one being dry and cracked lips, but I never went anywhere without lip balm and this kept it manageable. Other side effects included slight muscle pain (not very frequently and not intense at all), dry skin and a couple of headaches, but these occurred once or twice over the 9 months and were manageable with paracetamol. I cant lie, the ‘Roaccutane Purge’ is real. My skin became 10x worse before it got better and I worried that it wasn’t working. I was reassured by the team that this was completely normal. Of course the time frame differs for everyone, but after 6 months I did not have a single spot, and have not had one since. It is a tough process and you really do have to be patient, but the results are so worth the wait and the frustration at times. I came to the end of my 6 months and had my check in with Dr Divya and told her that I did not feel completely happy with my skin, she explained that i could extend my treatment and this is what I did. I added another 3 months on, which took me to today and I have never been happier with my skin. It is clear, bright and glowy. I had to have 2 blood tests in total, one baseline before my treatment started and a second half way through to check that my blood levels were still ok. The team were fantastic and I had a few questions throughout my treatment, mostly to do with ways to help with my side affects and they came back within the hour with ways to help deal with them. I felt completely supported the whole way through and I felt like the team really were there to make my skin perfect for me. No question was too much and I am so glad I chose Botonics. If anyone is thinking about this treatment, please do it! It is the best thing I have ever done and i am now happy and confident in my skin without makeup.

Thank you Botonics

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