Nice Nurse…but a waste of money

by admin

Quick Summary:

Pros of Botonic service
– Procedure uncomfortable during “sculpting” but not painful overall

Cons of Botonic service
– Gave me a filler I didn’t ask for for a higher price
– Complete migration of filler away from eyes
– Side effects on both eyes
– Extremely slow to reply when reporting these side effects
– Receptionist somewhat patronizing

Hi, I am a young woman (early 20’s) who wanted a fresh look so had my tear troughs done in November. My oh my, disaster from the go! I called around a few clinics as I wanted to use Restylane under my eyes – a known safe filler with minimal migration. I made this known to Bill (receptionist) and he gave me a quote for this filler. I agreed based on the idea that I’d be using this filler. After all, something which is known to be safe is what i’d want to start with. FF to the consultation. Naruschka was nice, friendly, talked me through the procedure. What she didn’t mention is that she would be using an alternative filler in my eye – Perlane. In fact, I wasn’t notified about this until I was hit with a bill that differed from the quote given. I emailed Bill asking why this was and he proceeded to tell me that Naruschka had decided to use Perlane under my eyes. I was horrified – I didn’t know what this filler was and should have been known that what I had requested may or may not be what is used on the day. He emailed me back saying “Perlane IS Restylane” just that it was a different type.
They are different fillers with different properties otherwise they wouldn’t be a different price. Quite frankly I found that insulting.
As the weeks have gone on, I noticed my left eye had a deeper ridge (which I was told by my Ophthalmologist was due to over filling in the upper eye) and I developed deeper pigmentation and a swelling/ bags under my right eye. I emailed the team about this and received a VERY delayed response. My eye was feeling dull and SWOLLEN months after the procedure, this could have been an infection (Read up on this) or worse and I received a reply around a week later!!

I’m now 2 months in and my eyes are worse than they were before the filler despite paying for a “longer lasting filler”.

Honestly, Go to a well known Ophthalmologist. If they get something wrong I’m sure they’d respond quick enough to fix the problem. I’ve had to fix this with Sabrina Shah but should have started here anyway.

I wasn’t going to write a review but the ones on here are misleading I believe.

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