Non surgical nose job

by admin

I came to Botonics on 9th June 2021 for a non-surgical nose job.
I can honestly say Naruschka has fixed my biggest insecurity. My main concern was that the tip of my nose leaned over towards one side, and I had asymmetries of my nostrils.
Although google searches seemed to suggest that non-surgical nose jobs are only beneficial for side profiles i.e. to fix bumps on bridges etc, I booked anyway after my consultation with Naruschka to which she said I will get approx a 60-70% improvement.

However, after the appointment in my eyes all asymmetries have been resolved and i notice a significant difference!
I would recommend Naruschka wholeheartedly and I already know I will be using her services for a very very long time.

Thank you Naruschka !!!!

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