Non Surgical nose job – amazing results

by admin

I have attended the Botonics Clinic quite a few times for the Non-Surgical Nose job procedure with Naruschka Henriques. I had been unhappy with the bump on my nose ever since I was a teenager and had considered a surgical rhinoplasty but decided it was too extreme for me. My first Non-Surgical nose job was not at Botonics and I found it did not meet my expectations, however I decided to try again with Naruschka. I can say that the results were amazing! I could tell that Naruschka has an eye for balance and facial harmony. Naruschka was warm and friendly and I could tell I was in good hands. Because I trust Naruschka so much with this procedure, I travel from the other end of the country to get it done. The procedure itself was not painful because of the numbing cream. I feel like my confidence has increased so much because of this, I get compliments on my nose all the time!

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