Non-surgical nose job procedure

by admin

I’m 17 years old and studying for my A levels, so not the typical client for these sorts of procedures. Nevertheless, after hating my nose and being self-conscious for as long as I can remember, I couldn’t recommend this service any more highly. I was lucky to have the full support of my mum, who came with me to an initial consultation with Narushka. I was amazed to know that this was free, as having extensively researched and almost gone through with a surgical rhinoplasty, I know that this is almost unheard of in London. Narushka was extremely welcoming and honest about what I could expect from the procedure, as well as the risks involved. She also gave me and my mum lots of information on how to reduce bruising and swelling before and after the non-surgical nose job (which really helped, as I had no bruising at all, and the swelling went down completely after 3 days), and we organised to carry it out after my exams. The actual procedure wasn’t too painful and lasted only about 15 minutes, and Narushka ensured that I was comfortable throughout. The pain after the procedure is also minimal, and Narushka is right in saying that only close friends/family will notice a difference – otherwise, people will just think it’s you on a really good day! Nevertheless, the results are truly brilliant. You have to be slightly patient due to the swelling, but I was so shocked that Narushka was able to achieve a change from the front, as well as my side profile. After going in for my free follow up consultation, Narushka told me that I should expect the results to last for around 7 months, and that the outcome will improve on the 2nd procedure, which is a great bonus! My mum was also incredibly impressed by Bill and how prompt and accommodating he has been in organising the consultations/procedure. So, overall I can say that this has been an incredibly positive experience, and one that has hugely boosted my confidence. I couldn’t recommend Narushka, or this particular procedure, more highly.

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