Non- Surgical nose treatment

by admin

I had first got my nose treatment done in 2016 from Nerushka, i had a very weird shaped nose you could say a typical asian nose? It almost looked broken. I used to hate looking at myself in the mirror and was not able to get rhinoplasty due to cultural and religious reasons. I came across nerushka on youtube where I listened to her video on the non surgical nose treatment, how she explained which types of noses couldbe treated (almost all) and she seemed so nice in the video I immediately felt like i could trust her. After my first treatment i could of cried! My nose looked so lovely i looked like a new person,my pictures looked better my confidence was better , i started to go out more and helped me in my personal life as well. I then went again in 2017 which was fantastic the second time money well spent. The third time i came across a Dr close to me who had his own private clinic and was actually myGP so i thought i could trust him as he was local and i knew him. He absolutely ruined my nose! I looked awful i was crying for weeks! I relied on a contour kit to allow me to have the strength just to leave the house, i didnt recognise myself and i had spent so much money. I decided to allow the filler to dissolve naturally rather than paying to have it all removed (which would have worked out more expensive because i still had filler in my nose from the year before). After 15 months i came back to Nerushka and im soo happy now! My nose is almost back to normal, no droopiness, better side profile, better shape and it will look even nicer contoured. I really cant express how fantastic she is, shes an artist. You dont even need to tell her or show her pictures of what you want, its like she can read your mind and knows exactly what will suit you. She is very honest and will never pressure you into anything. I also have bad skin, so she always made me feel comfortable, if you are nervous you shouldn’t be! I wish i had done this years ago rather than being unhappy with my nose and hating myself. Bill is so very helpful when trying to accomodate you with your availability and is very understanding if you need to re schedule or move appointments. Overall, thank you! X

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