non surgical rhinoplasty

by admin

I looked into having a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure as I have been unhappy with my nose for years – it is naturally flat, wide and bulbous and seems to have got more so as I have got older and had children (I am 39). I discovered the botonics group online and Bill was very helpful in slotting me into an appointment as a convenient date and time. Naruschka carried out the procedure and was very professional and pleasant and answered all my questions clearly and honestly. She felt I could benefit from the procedure and I decided to go ahead at the appointment, though I was not pressurised into anything. I was nervous about the procedure and how I would look afterwards, but Naruschka put my mind at ease and the procedure was slightly uncomfortable but not painful. My nose started swelling pretty much straight away but I could tell there was a difference. The next 24 hours my nose continued to swell, however I had been warned about this so was not overly concerned. You do need to be prepared for this though as it did get pretty big! Having said that my children did not even notice anything so I was probably more aware than others would be. I followed the aftercare advice (arnica and hot towel|) and the swelling gradually went down, so by day 3/4 my nose had really taken shape. I am thrilled with the results! Naarushka has given me a bridge, defined my tip and brought in my nostrils, so it looks exactly as I was hoping it would. The result is natural looking and subtle, and though I can tell a huge difference (and so can my husband who is the only person I have told about the procedure) others don’t seem to have noticed or questioned anything, which is what I wanted funnily enough. I feel so much more confident and happy with myself and would not hesitate doing it again.

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