non surgical rhinoplasty

by admin

I visited Doctor Naruschka and was initially quite anxious as this was my first time getting any form of cosmetic treatment or procedure. Doctor Naruschka made me feel very comfortable from the moment I entered. She explained the procedure in depth, went through the aftercare and ultimately put my mind at ease.
The booking process was smooth and efficient and I managed to get an appointment in good time. I was able to ask any queries prior to visiting and was also able to gain an insight into whether I’d be a suitable candidate for the treatment before attending by sending in pictures to be reviewed. This was very helpful. My point of contact was Bill who was also excellent. He was very easy to reach and responded swiftly throughout the process which was reassuring.

Even after reviewing my pictures and booking the appointment, the consultation was free and there was no pressure for me to decide to proceed on the day. I explained my concerns in the consultation and mentioned that I was always self conscious about the symmetry of my nose. Doctor Naruschka listened attentively and then performed an assessment for herself. She then advised me of what she felt would benefit me most in achieving a more balanced profile. I was conscious of not wanting my appearance to chance too drastically and was anxious in this way but she kindly settled my concerns.

The procedure itself was pain free and the results were excellent. She initially applied a numbing cream over my nose which took around 10 minutes to take effect so l barely felt a thing! Doctor Naruschka was very skilled and had good placement of the filler to give a more defined symmetrical profile after the treatment wad completed. She explained that I would possibly require a top up appointment once the filler had settled in order to obtain the best results but I was very pleased with even just the one treatment.

The recovery was very easy. I had very little bruising or swelling and had only a few marks on my nose of the needle incisions which were easily covered with concealer and faded within the next few days. I was back to my normal routine almost immediately and besides a little tenderness in my nose for the week , there was largely no other discomfort. The results where immediate and I was very happy. I will definitely recommend Doctor Naruschka. She is very competent in her work and definitely makes you feel like you are in good hands. I will be returning for further treatments with her.

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