Non surgical rhinoplasty and lip enhancement

by admin

I went to see Naruschka for the non surgical rhinoplasty treatment and also for lip enhancement. I have only good things to say about my treatment. Firstly, I had always had a c shaped nose as it kind of drooped to the left side at the tip. Narushka corrected this for me in my first treatment. She also managed to lift the tip which I was very thrilled about. I now have a very refined and straight nose. With my lips, I had received a lip enhancement treatment previously from another clinic which I was not completely happy with. Narushka fully understood my concerns and went ahead to correct the problem. It was amazing that she knew instantly what the problem was. I went back I see Naruschka two later for a free review. She touched up on my nose and lips a which again I was very happy with. She also gave me some botox treatment which I had previously told her I wanted. This was done on my forehead. I was shocked at how painless this was. All in all I felt very comfortable and relaxed the whole time. I also didn’t feel pushed into doing anything by Naruschka. In fact, she told me I didn’t need a lot of treatments that I actually wanted. She honestly told me what she thought would enhance my features and I really do value her opinion and time. I am looking forward to seeing her soon again for some more treatments!!! Love that I found Botonics!!! 😀

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