Non-surgical rhinoplasty with Naruschka

by admin

The primary reason I went to see Naruschka was to discuss non-surgical rhinoplasty. I underwent rhinoplasty 20 years ago and it was not successful – the asymmetry in my nose which had been less visible in my larger nose was now very pronounced in my smaller nose (tip and nostril asymmetry was left particularly exaggerated) and too much had been removed from my bridge. I was very disappointed but just learnt to live with it. As my face has aged (I am now in my late forties), it has been looking even worse however and I decided to explore a filler solution. Naruschka had great reviews and I am really pleased with the results of my first treatment session with her. She really took the time to understand what was bothering me most about my nose and my face. I decided to go ahead with the treatment there and then and my nose definitely looks better. Replacement of some of the bridge is transformational for me and makes me feel a bit more like my “old” self. The asymmetry, including nostril asymmetry, is still there to some extent but I trust Naruschka that some further refinements can be made (my nose was so traumatised and had so much scar tissue that it will require enhancement over time) – I accept complete perfection is unattainable as my nose is just wonky, but I am feeling a lot happier with it. I only wish I’d had this treatment sooner.

I also had cheek fillers with Naruschka. I have had them before from different therapists but I am really pleased with what Naruschka has done – she assessed that I was missing more volume on one side than the other and tailored the dose accordingly. No other therapist has done this and, needless to say, the result is a lot better. I found the overall treatment took a little longer because Naruschka takes her time to get to know your face properly. She was also very sensitive to my desire not to look dramatically different and to take things slowly. I would recommend Naruschka full stop, but particularly if you are apprehensive about having these sorts of treatments and worried about being seen as having lots of work done.

The one thing I would say is that there is a short recovery time required after non-surgical rhinoplasty (Naruschka has a great video online about this online, I discovered!), as you might expect with an area as delicate as the nose. If you are likely to be self-conscious, I would recommend that you plan your treatment so you don’t have to go to work or a social event for 48 hours (the day after is the worst day – even if your nose looked ok immediately after treatment, it will be very swollen the next!). Bruising was actually very limited and easily concealed; it was the swelling that was more of an issue. Since the first two days, some residual swelling has remained (particularly when I first get up in the morning), but it it is liveable with and it gets better every day as my nose settles back down to more refined contours. I would always definitely have treatment a good few weeks before a big event.

Even if you are worried about anything, the other great thing I have found with Botonics is the personalised interaction from an administrative perspective – Bill was my coordinator and he sorted out all of the procedural aspects and followed up by email the day after my treatment to check all was well and encourage me to take the various supplements designed to reduce swelling etc. Again, I have not experienced this level of service elsewhere.

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