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I first heard about botonics from a close friend of mine and wanted to give it a try as I had gone to the GP multiple multiple times and was prescribed the same medicine repeatedly with no progress being made. I felt as though my acne concerns were not taking seriously and were disregarded when in reality there were much more severe consequences such as permanent scarring. Upon my first consultation with botonics this was touched up on immediately and I was prescribed roaccutane to target my hormonal acne and prevent any future scarring.
The process was quick and immediate and I was able to receive my medication within a week of first contacting them. Throughout the course of the past 7 months I have been in constant contact with botonics and they are very immediate with answering any of my concerns and giving me advice. The monthly calls with the doctor also helped as I felt as though I was constantly being checked up on and looked after whereas through the NHS system this check ups with the doctor would have taken at longer intervals. Overall I am extremely satisfied with botonics and felt like they really helped me target my acne and get rid of it and was really up to my standards!!

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