Perlane under eye area

by admin

I am so happy with the treatment I received from Naruschka at Botonics a week ago. I had been feeling really conscious of my under eye area for a few years. It looked hollow and saggy, especially when I smiled. I desperately wanted to improve the area, but had been very reluctant to have anything done as I was worried I would end up looking fake. After reading the many fantastic reviews on here, I felt confident to go ahead and book and appointment with Naruschka. After the consultation I was happy to go ahead and have the treatment straight away. Naruschka suggested a treatment of 1ml perlane in the area beneath the tear trough (rather than in the tear trough itself). I didn’t find it to be particularly painful, Naruschka was very reassuring throughout telling me what was happening and answering my questions.
I had my treatment on a Friday afternoon. I did have some swelling and bruising over the weekend. I was quite conscious of it and was pleased that I had no plans to see anyone, but I kept applying make up and my children didn’t even notice. I was fine to go back to work on Tuesday. It has improved every day since then and now, one week on, I couldn’t be happier. I will definitely have the same treatment done again when I need it. It looks completely natural but I feel so much fresher and less tired looking.
The only thing that may put me off is if it doesn’t last very long as it’s not something I could afford to have done really frequently. If I get 9-12 months out of it I’ll be even happier than I am now!

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