Practically perfect in every way!

by admin

I recently had a tear trough treatment at Botonics and could not have been happier with the entire process. From the first consultation to the post-treatment aftercare, Botonics have provided a stellar service throughout. Bill, the coordinator was always swift to respond to any questions I had however big or small and made me feel I was in safe hands. Talking to him was like talking to a friend and that’s something I really valued.

Deep under eye circles have been a problem for me as far back as I can remember. I joke that I was born tired, but that’s how long I’ve had a problem with my eyes and so when my mum found out that something could be done about them I jumped at the chance. We both researched many clinics and went for several consultations and different places but in the end chose Botonics not only because of their reasonable price but more importantly because of how pleasant Bill and Naruschka were when we met them.

Although it is a very delicate procedure, Naruschka helped me feel relaxed and totally at ease – she could have been giving me a manicure, that was how easy the whole procedure felt! Naruschka was very patient and friendly, talking me through each step and checking I was alright, there wasn’t even a second where I felt I was “just another client”. What’s more, upon completing the treatment I was pleasantly surprised when a couple of days later Naruschka and Bill called and asked me to come back because they weren’t completely satisfied with how the treatment had gone. My left tear trough needed a little more work than my right and I was really impressed that they would call me back in to make sure everything was perfect.

It is wonderful to wake up and actually look rested, and even look great after a late night! My only regret is that I did not know about the tear trough treatment years ago. I’m over the moon with the results, could not be happier!!

I would absolutely recommend Botonics to anyone and I myself will definitely be back for further treatments.

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