Professional and straight-forward

by admin

I underwent Vaser liposuction via botonics in November 2011. The people that I dealt with were professional, providing an initial consultation and a variety of options, fully priced. I never felt under pressure to take their quotes and always felt that I was in the hands of people that knew both what they were doing and how intimidating it could be.
My only reservation is that I was not fully prepared for what I would be like post-surgery… however that was due to me not questioning further on the information that I had been given. Had I questioned further what was meant by a few of the terms used, I have no doubt at all that I would have been told (and it wasn’t enough to have put me off if I had known what was involved with the “drains” that were installed – it would have just come as less of a shock).

8 Months on and I couldn’t be very much happier with the results.

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