Professional and well-organised

by admin

I spent virtually my entire time as teenager very unhappy with severe acne and wasted several years with the GP trying different antibiotics and washes which did not help at all. It was only after then that I was referred to a consultant who prescribed a course of Isotretinoin which worked wonders and was clear for over 20 years. Now at the ripe old age of 41, I had started to develop more and more spots and getting worse fast. Obviously, your confidence starts to get knocked and with a customer facing job, at my age, you start to feel embarrassed. I was unwilling, this time, to go though the normally NHS channels as I knew it would be months for an appointment (COVID) and even if I managed to get a referral, it would be a 6 months waiting list to see someone of any use. Because of this, I began to search for a private route, and this is where I came across Botonics and I thought I would give them a try owing to the large number of positive reviews. This is where the magic happens! From me sending my initial email, I had had a telephone consultation, first set of blood tests and results and had been delivered the medication in less than a week!! I have never known such a slick operation ever!! Dr Divya is great and explains everything and answers any medical questions you may have and Bill sorts everything from blood tests, medication, and all the other coordination needed to make everything run so smoothly. If you send an email to these guys in the evening, they will normally reply the same evening!! From being only 3 months into my treatment, I can say I am already nearly clear which is amazing, I suffer with a bit of dry lips but that’s it from side effects. The check ups are on time and regular and the dosage can be altered by Dr Divya to suit your progress and circumstances. My advice to anyone who is unhappy with their Acne and want it sorting properly and swiftly then contact Botonics!!

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