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I suffered from deep hollows and dark circles for a long time. They run in my family but mine were worse. They had been significant from a young age, I become more conscious of them when I was about 12 and entering high school. Having explored different methods to remove/reduce them I realised I wasnt getting anywhere. I had tried natural remedies and home treatments, drinking more water and sleeping more, using castor oil/peppermint oil/lemon juice/aloe vera gel. I lost hope until I came across the tear trough treatment, I had doubts that most people have, like I was scared of putting a needle so close to my eye. I was assured by Bill the co-ordinator of Botonics and the skilled Naruschka that did my procedure that it was safe. Having researched the procedure and looking at the results of others that had gotten it done I decided I too wanted to do it. I don’t regret it and I am happy with the results. Straight after the treatment you can see the hollows beneath your eyes plump up so it is effective. I feel more confident in my appearance and want to give a huge thanks to Bill and Naruschka for guiding me through it!

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