Really good services for Roaccutane

by admin

I contacted Botonics hoping for a Roaccutane treatment after failing to get a hold on the NHS dermatology service (the waiting list for Roaccutane is unbelievably long). I researched which clinic was offering the treatment and Botonics was the only one I saw which offered a first consultation free of charge. 12h after my first email I was already in touch with Bill who booked an online appointment with the Dr Divya. The consultation went very well and the treatment process and costs were clearly stated, same as on their website. I only waited two weeks before the initial consultation and the beginning of my treatment. Since then it has been going extremely smoothly; both Bill and the Dr Divya are extremely kind, professional and responsive. As I started my treatment during covid I had to get 2 blood tests at the lab, but the appointments are made online and I received the medication at home so it’s really efficient. The communication by phone or email is extremely good as well, it is very easy and fast to get to speak to someone. I’m in my third month of Roaccutane and I’m really happy, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the clinic for this treatment.

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