Regained Self Confidence

by admin

After 1 year of endless NHS GP consultations, going on endless topical and oral treatments including oral antibiotics for 12 months, my adult acne didn’t clear up. In fact, it ended up worse than before I started getting help from my GP.

I was pretty much thrown all these creams and antibiotics, without knowing if it’s going to work or not. Every medication took 3 months to conclude it’s effectiveness and it was like a rollercoaster ride of high hopes followed by massive dips back to square one. And the irritating creams for my already very sensitive skin, only aggravated my acne and triggered my skin to produce more deep set comedones as a result of irritation and dryness. So this went on for more than one year.

So it got to the point where I was avoiding going out, cancelling plans with my friends and feeling very down by the never ending acne issue, my confidence suffered so badly. I brought it up to my GP for a referral, I was told my adult acne was not ‘severe’ enough for a specialist appointment. So I was stuck with the option of going private or wait for my skin to deteriorate to the point acceptable for NHS specialist referral. For the sake of my confidence and sanity and social life, I opted to go private.

I searched extensively online during the pandemic for one that provided online consultations and with a fair pricing structure. In the end I decided to go with Botonics. It was super fast to get an initial consultation to discuss my suitability for going on Roaccutane. The customer service team responded professionally and quickly to my questions. The day I decided to go for the treatment, the blood test was arranged very quickly and the result was produced within few hours. Once that’s done my medication was on its way to me within few days. So it was very efficient the whole process.

I can’t describe how relieved I was once I started my Roaccutane programme. I started to see results within one month. All the deep angry inflammation started to calm down and things started healing properly. Maybe I am lucky, I don’t suffer much of the common side effects at all. Apart from dry skin nothing else really. I get a big bottle of Cerave deep moisturiser, lather it on generously after shower every night. For the morning I always wear SPF 50 Neutrogena sunblock, there’s one designed for acne prone skin that I use that’s oil free.

Anyways I better stop rambling on. If you are hesitant to book with Botonics or considering Roaccutane, please do yourself a favour and make an appointment with them. You won’t be dissappointed. If Roaccutane is right for you, it can be life changing. No more heavy makeup, no more cancelled plans.

Good luck guys!

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