Roaccutane review

by admin

Botonics has saved my skin! I spent years of my life suffering from hormonal acne and dealing with hyperpigmentation, however I can now say my skin has been the best it’s ever been since completing treatment. When I initially contacted Botonics, I spoke to Bill over the phone who was helpful. I had lots of questions initially and Bill was very professional and answered all my questions and concisely explained the treatment plan. The monthly consultations with Dr. Divya have always been well organised prior to the appointment and the appointment were always on time, which I was very impressed with. Dr. Divya is lovely and it was really easy to talk to her and discuss any concerns I had, she always put me to ease and tried to help and advice in a professional mannerism. My advice to anyone starting roaccutane, is to complete the full treatment and persevere, the end result is worth it! I found the first two months quite difficult as my skin had got slightly worse before it got better, however by the end of month three I saw I positive change to my skin and my skin carried on improving month after month. The side effects I noticed most, was the dry lips, dry skin and joint aches when sitting for to long. The side effects have all been manageable and I even exercised most days with the joint aches. I would recommend stocking up on face creams and lip balms prior to starting treatment and to use the creams everyday without fail. The lip balm I found most helpful was aquaphor and the best face cream is Avene tolerance extreme cream. I am so glad I decided to sort my skin out just before my wedding and I’m more grateful that I decided to contact botonics. Regardless of the pandemic, Botonics have always been responsive and very well organised. Thank you for all the support Botonics and I love the results!!

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